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another side ... later on

To adequately express this "other side" of Judith's artistic evolution she enlisted the historical spelling of her family name 'Prince' for the works she produces using old-master techniques learnt in Italy and England. Such a choice kindly gave consideration to another artist member of the Prince family. Judith O'Conal-Prinz now identifies her reputation for the most part established under her married name with the adventure of her youthful exploration. With a cavallier and egalitarian outlook it is no longer necessary for Judith to distinguish between these techniques and the tonal realism for which she is more widely known.  Now this has given you the freedom for the creation of works that do not require the discipline of a personal sitting. You are now afforded the added advantage of enlisting Judith's full talents and expertise through the use of either Old Master Techniques or Tonal Realism.  

“Lake Como, near Tremezzo”;  “Lake Como, near Bellagio”; “Raphael O’Conal”, after the original (in oils) lost in unknown circumstances.  

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