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Hon. John Aquilina MP, Speaker, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament; 2007 (36"x30")

Michael Zaiter, Artist; 2006 (48"x36")

Jocelyn Harewood, Author; 2007 (30"x25")

Amanda Garrett, Fashion Designer; Finalist 1995 Archibald Prize (42"x36")

Sir Talbot Duckmanton, CBE, General Manager of the ABC 1965 - 1982; 1984 (36"x30")

Sir James Hardy, OBE, famous Yachtsman and Winemaker; 1988 (48"x42")

Justice Lionel Murphy, 1980 (30"x25")

The Hon. Robert Marsden Hope, Chancellor, University of Wollongong; 1998 (48"x36")

Sir Bruce Williams, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sydney; Finalist Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize,  1982

Sir William Vines, Chancellor, University of Western Sydney; 1981 (36"x30")

Prof. Ted Wheelwright, Ass. Prof. of Economics, Sydney University; 1980 (30"x25")

Sir John Atwill, National President of the Liberal Party of Australia; Finalist Portia Geach, 1980 (42"x36")

Justice Michael Kirby AC, C.M.G. President of Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of NSW, 1984 - 96; 1987 (30"x25")

The Hon. Mahla Pearlman AO, President of Law Society of NSW 1981 - 82; Finalist Portia Geach, 1982 (42"x36")

Dr B J Amos, Foundation Chief Executive, Westmead Public Hospital; 1991 (36"x30")

Prof. Kim Oates, Chief Executive, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Westmead; 2000 (42"x48")

Sir Laurence Whistler Street, K.C.M.G. Chief Justice of NSW, 1974 - 1988; 1986 (48"x36")

Harold Henderson, Director, World Vision; 1989 (24"x20")

Robert M. Mostyn Esq., Chairman, Craig Mostyn & Co. Pty. Ltd; 1994 (36"x30")

Robert Harrison Craig Esq.,  Craig Mostyn & Co. Pty. Ltd; 1994 (36"x30")

Dr Tony Mobbs, G.A.; 1981

Eve Mobbs, (24"x20")

Tom Uren, Federal Minister for local government; 1990

Robert Hampshire, 1988 (24"x20")

Dr Tony Ansah-Owuso, former Specialist for Tropical medicine; 1993 (48"x36")

Nick Carson, Finalist 1997 Portia Geach

Pat Clancy, 1980 (42"x36")

Frank Ireland,

Franca Arena A.M., Member of NSW Parliament 1981 - 1999; 1981 (30"x25")

Di Morrissey,

Lynne McGranger

Mary Kostakidis, SBS Newsreader; 1992

Aziza Abdel-Halim, AM; 2002

Rev Dr Sir Alan Walker, AK, OBE, MA, DD; Superintendent, Wesley Mission 1958-78, Founder of Lifeline; 1988

“Judith By Judith” – A Portrait of Judith Johnson, Artist; 2004  (60"x36")

Benedicta, 1990

Mrs Geoffrey Roberson, 1984

Shamistha de Soysa, Musicologist; 2010

Helen Zerefos , Coloratura Soprano / Performer; 2010

The Hon. Kevin Rozzoli , Speaker of the Legislative Assembly / Parliament House; 1988-1995

The Baulkham Hills Shire 

Other portraits